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Still working on this site! There's more to come. One book is titled, "New Member's Orientation." This book is for such times as we face, especially for new believers; for experienced believers it is a worthy tool for soldiers of the cross. You may purchase "The Burning Bush Gospel Messages Book from: Red Lead Press 701 Smithfield Street, Third Floor Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222 U.S.A.1-800-834-1803; Or the Web. ISBN:978-1-4349-6017-7, or contact us. This one is a must have book of Bible Lessons and Sermons that is entitled,"The Burning Bush Gospel Messages." If you are a Bible believing person, a Bible teacher, or preacher, pastor, teacher these messages could possibly enhance your ministry. Or: P. O. Box 35312 - Houston, Texas 77235 or call 832-746-1133