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Mission Statement:
Changes will be coming to this page soon!! To supply individuals with a safe decent afforadable recreation facility, and after-school programs that will allow any individual that are socially and economically disadvantaged to take advantage of training programs, educational learning skills, mentoring, and other programs. The training programs allow substnace abusers the opportunity to change their lives and to become positive productive citizens once again. In addition to the educational facility being in a community where the population is a diverse population of all ethic groups, we will not discriminate against anyone because of their, race, creed or gender.
Christway Fellowship Baptist Church, Inc. also plans to initiate other pilot programs with other inner city similar organizations that will supply the community citizens with a safe, decent, affordable facility as well as be a pilot program for other inner-city programs and other necessary programs within their community. We will work closely with the Texas work force commission, Houston area Urban League, Greater Houston YMCA, Juvenile Crime task force officers as well as other inner-city youth organizations that will allow us.
With proper funding, Christway Fellowship Baptist Church, Inc. can and will also put into place adequate amenities such as adult literacy classes, computer training programs for basic computer skills within the center. And be able to offer other training related programs for young adults that have not recieved their High School education.